The Review of Life - September Sun 2nd Sep, 2007

The Review of Life, the world's favourite review of the mundane and the roast is changing.

The past few months have shown me that i do not have the time/ability/motivation/interest/batterry power/imagination to do a review every day. I think i have run out of different ways to review Sunday Roasts and TV programmes.

This is a reflection less on my writing ability, and my interest in The Review of Life, and more on how i spend my time. One of the benefits of doing this is being able to read back and realise how much time i spend sat on my arse eating sweets.

This must change.

And it has already started to.

My Edinburgh show next year is going to be about my walk from Bristol to Edinburgh. If you are confused as to why you have not heard mention of this walk, it is because i have not done it yet.

I will be 33 next April, and have done quite a bit with my life, but as i sense my tranisition into actually being a grown-up, i realise that i have not achieved anything, have not done anything major or monumental, and am starting to get fatter and fatter.

The walk is my focus to get fitter, and a sympton of my desire to not skulk boringly into middle age until i really need to.

Things need to be done. Maps need to be looked at, routes need to be decided upon, and shoes need to be bought. These are the easy things. The tricky bit is preparing my body for 20 miles wandering a day.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is where the Review of Life is evolving. No longer will it be soley about the small and the tasty, but will now reflect the pedestrian.

I have given myself the immediate target of walking 50 kilometres a week, i have bought a little pedometer to help with the counting, and the review will not, as well as my tried and tested descriptions of the tried and the tested, will also include fairly detailed descriptions of my walking.

I bought it last week, and since then have walked 47 kilometres, and 71 146 steps.

There will be regular updates from my travels this week as i strive to hit 50.

Wish me luck.


Oh, and i am toying the titles for this new regime change. The Review of Walk seems obvious but naff, and the Walk of Life, seems far too Dire Straits. Any help gratefully accepted.

The Review of Life - Edinburgh Sun 2nd Sep, 2007

The observant among you will notice the severe lack of reviews during August, and the increasing rubbishness of those reviews.

The simple reason for this is that the doing my show for a month removed any possibility of enjoying anything.

I tried to write reviews, especially a regular sunday roast special, but i began to see a pattern in the drafts, and all the reviews kind of read:

"Had this thing, it was alright, now i have to go and do a show or three. I want to sleep"

So, seeing that i am now back, and the spectre of the fringe is behind me for another year, the review can begin agains in earnest, with a slight change that i will explain tomorrow, but before then, press type things from Edinburgh.

This is a review i got from Three Weeks Magazine


And an interview me, and Al Pitcher, did with The Scotsman newspaper


There were a few more bits and peices, but no loads, will put links to them when i find them.


And the review is back tomorrow. Promise.

The Review of Life - Day 23 - The Dome Club Sandwich Tue 7th Aug, 2007




Club Sandwich at The Dome


Really good. The Club Sandwich is a friend of mine and i liked it a lot.

The Review of Life - Day 22 - Joanna Neary Tue 7th Aug, 2007




Joanna Neary


Really good. Joanna is a friend of mine and i liked her show a lot.

The Review of Life - Day 21 - Isy Suttie Tue 7th Aug, 2007



Isy Suttie - Love Lost in the British Retail Industry


Really good. Isy is a friend of mine and i liked her show a lot.

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