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Watford Sat 27th Jun, 2009

Watford Jongleurs tonight. Not massively busy but a lovely change from the big Russell gigs. I love doing those massive, incredible gigs but a smallish, drunk, hen and stag infested Jongleurs presents a different type of challenges that get the blood pumping.

Now, the gig was good but the drive home was amazing.I am staying in Hemel Hempstead in a Holiday Inn, on my own and with only the 4th series of Entourage to keep me company. So when I spotted a man hitchhiking at the side of the road, at half eleven on a Friday night, I thought here was no harm in slowing down and asking if I could help. As I got even closer and realised that he was not only the spitting image of Hagrid but also Eastern European, my mind was made up. I am going on a road trip with Hagrid.

I have very little idea if what he told me was true but I do know this:

1) I drove him to Chingford, a good hour round trip, where he was staying with an African woman who makes good stew.

2) That he landed at Heathrow that morning, had no money on him apart from the currency of St Kitts.

3) He name was Willie, originally from Germany and that the bike racks in Enfield are the same as those in Germany.

4) Tescos value range is not as good as Morrisons and that in St Kitts there is a tea called Taj Mahal and it tastes exactly like PG Tips.

5) There are fewer funnier sounds than a German giggling at himself and coughing at the same time.I am not sure about the wisdom of picking up hitchhikers, I rarely see them and have no plan on making a habit of it, but I have no idea how Willie would have made it to Chingford at midnight, and that any accusation levied at me for recklessness has to actually be pointed at my mum and dad.Olver seniors have an altruism that I think is genetic. There were many occasions when I was younger that an odd assortment of Salvation Armyists to Reflexologists stayed in our house, and old ladies were literally picked up off the pavement outside the front door and brought inside for refuge.I take no personal responsibility for driving German Willie to Chingford, I blame Philomena and John.