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North East Mon 30th Jun, 2008

Hello all! Mark won't ever get round to updating this so I thought I'd write a quick message. Mark is doing so well. So many people are incredibly proud of him. Last week he was quite grumpy and sad and losing hope, but this week he's been in good spirits and trooping on, enjoying the sights of the world around him. I joined him this weekend for 55 miles or so, between Kendal and Richmond, over 4 days. It was tough going especially as I have had no training whatsoever but The Yorkshire Dales are so amazing it was all worth it.

This means that he's over 300 miles in now (I don't know the exact mileage), and not far from hitting the North East coast proper. He should be in Newcastle by Friday. Amazing work and his feet are coping well!!

There have been some great experiences, not just with the walking but also all the people he's met. Even in the 4 days I was just with him we met some absolute gems - from a feisty hill walker lady who owns 3 exquisite gypsy caravans, to a group of grumpy drunken teachers in a tiny pub in Grinton, to a lone rambler noisily eating cereal in a youth hostel. All of these people were befriended easily which just goes to show how nice most people are!

Please keep checking the Berghaus website for updates on his blog (note: the blogs are not necessarily in the right order so try not to get too confused!!), please keep sponsoring (it's for such a good cause), and finally send loving emails to

Martha :)

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