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1:0 you, well done finishing off the walk info.Just need to get going now boy and do more walking - too late to decide to do something else people know about it!xx

- Kay, 17:02, 8th December 2007

No pressure, but it's a month since your update..........are you trotting off on lots of training walks? Or slumped in heap eating good stuff?My rowing is going wonderfully, and am completely justifying my trip to the Festival next year.Kayx

- Kay, 18:24, 26th November 2007

Mark says:

Hello Kay and Amy,

Thankyou for noticing that it has been a month since the update, and that the Weston walk finished half way through (well, not even started) and that the gigs section has not been updated for a while.

Martha has also been hassling me, and I have no excuses/reasons/cake but i promise to be better.




Ok, i promise to try and be better.


Laters x


Slacking again boy with the news and gigs! We like to know how the walkiing's going thanks x

- Amy, 17:03, 26th November 2007

I like your website dad. please can i have a biscuit now please?

- Melvin, 12:24, 28th October 2007

I'll be thinking of your walking training as I row my way to fitness in readiness for your show next year.Off to read the latest entry.

- Kay, 19:01, 27th October 2007

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