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Yep, your entries certainly have been conspicuous by their absence.....much like your valuable walking training up to now! I'd second Amy's comment about the gigs being updated, although Kent's a comedic wasteland, so I don't expect you venture down here.xx

- Kay, 18:53, 10th January 2008

Olver you do have fans out there who want to know where you're treading the boards outside bristol thank you muchly!

- Amy, 03:07, 9th January 2008

Mark says:

I know Amy, and thanks for caring, its just the gigs come and go so quickly! I have some more walking stuff to put on and obviously loads of gigs. It will come, i promise!

I seem to spend most of my time on here apologising for being rubbish.

As the walk gets closer i will be alot less rubbish.


Olv...I should also edit your guestbook replies! "and then there is obviously the glorious site of me in my walking boots and trouser/shorts" that site?!?! surely you mean sight? spaz xxx

- Wrighty, 22:46, 13th December 2007

Fab to have the updates, how about some walking images?

- Amy, 17:06, 9th December 2007

Mark says:

I will see what I can do Amy. Had a couple from the Weston walk, and then there is obviously the glorious site of me in my walking boots and trouser/shorts.


The sheer pleasure and solitude music and your own company brings . . . . Wonderful! C x

- C K, 00:05, 9th December 2007

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