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I read about the gig you did where you fell on stage and had to be taken away by the ambulance? Sounds gruesome! Have you got any photos available?

- Tony L, 21:29, 22nd March 2008

Mark says:

i have some photos somewhere Tony, will drag them out and put them online. That was five years ago, weirdly, the walk will finish almost exactly five years to do the day that i feel over on stage.


Maybe you could arrange for the Proclaimers to greet you if you arrive in Edinburgh 19th July - they're playing at the Castle that evening!

- C.K., 17:15, 4th March 2008

What is the point of publishing someone's comment, then not answering their question?

- Rach, 12:27, 23rd February 2008

Mark says:

It is pure laziness on my part Rachel.


Me and Martha take it in turns going through the messages, deleting the spam ones about porn etc, and publishing the real ones. Martha published the one from Mrs T and I have been very busy/lazy to write replies.

The answer, if you are interested, is that the training is going quite well, still slightly more theory than practical, but tomorrow I am walking from Bristol to Bath, with a few more walks lined up in the next few weeks.

Lots of planning thing and meetings going on as well, and i wake up every morning either petrified or excited!


How's the walking going Mark? Done much training yet?

- Mrs T, 19:47, 16th February 2008

Couldn't get better intro music! C x

- C K, 01:20, 26th January 2008

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