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You outdid yourself today!

- Brytney, 16:33, 25th May 2008

Mark says:

Yes Brytney, I did.


Can you clarify time of Edin show, one source says 21.20 another 22.20Thanks

- Jan, 03:05, 4th May 2008

Mark says:

Hello Jan,

The original time was 10.20 but Paul Foot, who was meant to be on before me is in America during August, so my show has been moved to 9.20.


Olver you've not updated your news for decades! Tell everyone about your exciting walk to Swindon last week (50 miles!!!) and all your fancy Berghaus gear, and your lovely new Edinburgh poster and all that jazz...people will think you don't love them anymore. And we can't be having that!

- Martha, 11:27, 26th April 2008

Mark says:

That is a very good point Martha. I am rubbish, although in my defence i have been working hard, organising gigs throughout the country, sorting out the walk and all that jazz.

The upcoming gigs page will be updated soon, and when the gigs for the walk are all finalised they will be up as well.

big love.


So, how's the whole walking training thing going then? Can't believe that I missed your interview on 6Music!

- Kay in Sevenoaks, 20:38, 23rd April 2008

Mark says:

The walking is going well thanks Kay, been busy sorting out all sorts of stuff, did a long walk to Swindon last week, a bit of walking in North Wales this week, and am in Edinburgh at the moment, and seeing that this is where the idea came to me it is only rude not to have a wander around the city.


A spider just knocked on the door :S

- Simon, 18:28, 17th April 2008

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