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I accorded my hand

- Donna Marie, 04:13, 12th July 2008

Mark says:



Failte! The weather may not be welcoming in Scotland but the people are full of warmth x Luv n hugs C x

- C, 17:18, 11th July 2008

Hello Mark remember me one of deals "resident"Pilgrims. I gave you the sweets (maltesers and mars bars)before the end of deal when I went on holiday.I was thinking of you setting off as I lay in the sun!!Good luck the end will soon be in sight. much love Lyn.

- Lyn Ackroyd, 21:51, 22nd June 2008

As with everyone else here, we want, nay, demand more! more of your thoughts, more history and more

- Rax, 07:25, 22nd June 2008

Mark says:

Ummm OK Rax I'll see what I can do. Good use of the word nay.


A thought for comfort or maybe not dependin how u look at it but just think the further u walk each day the further u walk away from 1 half the bridgy drunken angels but also the closer u walk 2 other half and saved £75 quid so far by not drinkin something tells us its going b a long weekend but its all for a gud course so keep goin almost there

- Bridgy Drunken Angels, 16:11, 20th June 2008

Mark says:

Thank you, Bridgey crew, that brings much relief and happiness....


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