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Hey Mark. Hope your havin a great hol. Can't wait to start seein your lineups again next year when term starts. Any chance of a cartwheel in Edinburgh

- Kian, 16:38, 17th July 2007

Mark says:

The carthweel will probably come out at Late n Live in Edinburgh, i think my room may be too small.

Jesters will  be great next year, could even be in the new venue across the street.


take care


Shiny new site.Re: Roasts. My mum's are better. Ha! Although here is a pro-tip for tasty veg: Simply chop up some sweet potato, butternut squash, carrots and red onion into kind of chip-sized sticks. Put 'em in a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil (not too much), and roast for about an hour.They all interact somehow and it kind of goes all soft and sweet and delicious. Wonderful with gravy.

- Janek, 20:00, 16th July 2007

Mark says:

Thanks for visiting my shiny new site Janek, but two things. Number one, trust me they aint, and number two, i don't want none of that arty farty butternut squash mallarky in my roast. Red onion? Next you'll be telling me that fish is an adequate alternative to meat as the main element of the meal.


Loving the new website- can't wait to see your edinburgh show in all its glory! xx

- Naomi, 17:48, 16th July 2007

Mark says:

You can't wait to see my Edinburgh show? I can't wait either, because that'll mean it is finished.


You should use the picture of you on the pier for your Edinburgh show, but next time put your face in one of those cut-outs so that it looks like you have someone else's body.

- Anne Onn, 10:02, 16th July 2007

Mark says:

Thankyou for your input Anne Onn. I will look into that for next year, with my new show Batchelor Spaz.


The new site looks fab. I thought you'd like to know it was fueled by copious amounts of cups of tea and marzipan. I think we may have to come along to Jester's this month and see you. Hoorah!

- Laura (Oliver's Mrs), 15:08, 13th July 2007

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