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gutten site, but little grey.good!

- po_po100_po, 16:45, 31st July 2007

Mark says:

Have no idea what you are going on about Po, but thankyou.


very nice!respect

- buravchik, 13:32, 31st July 2007

Mark says:



Review of Life - Day 11 - The Jacket! Did it ever cross your mind that you perhaps belong to one of the groups that in your opinion are allowed to wear jackets? Do hope it is coming to Edinburgh with you!

- Em, 07:56, 26th July 2007

Mark says:

I am definately not an older man, or a doctor, or a Tv presenter Em, warm-ups clean the shoes of the presenters.

Trying out with jacket with friends later, if they dont laugh in my face i am wearing it to Edinburgh.


Is this your site? Pretty site. Hmm, an over-used miss-quote, that. Perhaps I should have used: This site belongs to the Pakistani ambassador! Much better. Though less true, I expect.I have little to add (apart from to praise the use of the word "sartorial" which is underused I feel), so I will also talk about my other other obsession (no, not the over-use of brackets (and hyphens)) - - - food! Janek, that's one of my favourites, except you forgot to add the the garlic cloves, rosemary and pumpkin seeds and then vinaigrette at the end! Thank goodness for spell-checkers. Vinaigrette. Honestly. Bloody French.

- Rob Egg, 00:30, 26th July 2007

Mark says:

Glad you like the site rob, the only thing i can take creidt for is the incorrect grammar and spelling.


Oh, and far too fancy with the food


I love that I can look at this site on my phone! And I am loving the pie minister review :-) big love x

- miss m, 22:19, 20th July 2007

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