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I have visited your site 664-times

- Visitor404, 21:55, 7th September 2007

Good luck with the walking, Mark. What you need is an 80's training montage.

- Janek, 13:30, 4th September 2007

Cracking publicity stunt! Best of British to you! Dunno about a name for reviews but be sure to listen to Traveller's Tune along the road past the gate,

- chloe, 22:00, 2nd September 2007

I'm crossing the pond too in September, how exciting!

- Me, 22:08, 11th August 2007


- Anonymous, 21:16, 10th August 2007

Mark says:

Hello Anonymous,

Sorry about the delay in the reviews, had a lot of writing to do as well as my show. I have written several but not had time to finalise the grammar and spelling, and as a regular reader of the review's you will know how much pride i take in grammar and spelling. But stay tuned and there are exciting things to come in september, including a special American Review of Life.


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