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I like your website dad. please can i have a biscuit now please?

- Melvin, 12:24, 28th October 2007

I'll be thinking of your walking training as I row my way to fitness in readiness for your show next year.Off to read the latest entry.

- Kay, 19:01, 27th October 2007

so, how is the walking going, and what's happened to the news?

- Amy, 23:55, 26th October 2007

Mark says:

Hello Amy,

Thankyou for writing on the guest book, my checking of the book has got a bit slack because it is an effort to find the real messages within the dozens of dodgy fake ones that come from viagra sites and other odd spam things.

The walking is going fine, and while the news has been quiet for a while, it will be coming back with a vengance, in about half an hour i think. The news will explain the walking.

The news section will now describe the walks i am doing to get in training for the big walk next year. Last week i walked from Bristol to Weston (a full description will appear in the news section shortly) and will be followed soon by a few other adventures.


Stay tuned and thanks for missing it.


Hopefully you will update the Review to keep us updated on your walking/training progress.We're planning on coming to Edinburgh next year, and it would be lovely if you've trained well enough to still alive to tell the tale.

- Kay, 18:17, 24th October 2007

Mark says:

OK Kay, you are on. I will train to stay alive. Quite happy with the walking at the moment, and really excited about the show. Trying to find time to do a walk a week, seeing how far i can push myself.

Thanks for thinking it is lovely if i am alive.


How's the walking going, then? Are you up to the heady heights of 50m a week yet?

- Oliver, 23:08, 17th October 2007

Mark says:

Not a consistent 50 yet Oliver, work means that i don't always have the time, i find the majority of my walking is done at Deal or No Deal (an average of 1000 steps a day) or gigs (less than 300).

Feel fairly confident that by June, when the walk starts, i will be able to manage at least 50 miles a week, but where is the fun in knowing that for sure.


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